Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Danielle and I took a little outing the other day and decided to celebrate my birthday (late) together and explore our little town a bit. So we both got pretty, in each others clothes and set out to explore a little bit...

And when I say explore, I mean go straight to the bakery. Obviously we couldn't traipse about hungry. So we found a bakery and ordered 2 things, grand total $1.75 (WHAT!?) We will be returning to that bakery very, very soon...

So we went to a park in the middle of the town that we'd seen some band playing at the night before. It was very quiet and pretty, minus one stalker man and 3 little boys running around and yelling a little... Right before we left, a family with a little baby girl came and started messing about and taking photos of her... WE could not take a picture of the baby, because that'd be creepy, but I assure you- precious!

We found a super-hardcore tattoo parlor on, we'll call it "Main Street", since I honestly don't remember the name of it.

Danielle found this little spot a few days ago when we were driving into town for the first time. She assumed "your choice" was an abortion clinic, and I thought she said that it served "Asian Cuisine." I'm not sure whether an Insurance agency is really better than our suggestions... nevertheless, here I am below considering whether or not to abort my bakery-food baby. (Spoiler: I kept it)
When you look at the photos below you think, wow, where did they find that field... so picturesque... boy, do we have you fooled. We were actually sitting in an overgrown lawn in front of an empty house right next to the sidewalk... trés ghetto, but slightly more our style. The pictures look pretty though :)

Most of the photos were taken by my sister, Danielle
and I took the remainder of them!


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