Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let me explain the baby blog today:

No I'm not pregnant... No, I'm not seeing someone... No, I'm not even in baby stealing mode...

My stepsister and brother in law, Heather and Andy, are having a baby boy in October. He doesn't have a name yet, so for the sake of readability, you and I will call him turnip head. Why? I'm so glad you asked. I started looking around for some baby gift ideas in the vein of art and design, 'cause that's my thing, and I realized that I'm shamefully ignorant of current nursery trends. After a little digging, I found a site that has something other than tacky, blasé ideas and looked around, these were three of my favorites. Now I know, and we can blaze on...

For little turnip head's baby present (birthday present? shower present?), my lovely Dan, who is very experienced with nieces and nephews, suggested that I paint a mural for the baby's room with Danielle and Heather. Brilliant. Well... Danielle crapped out, and, for convenience sake, the idea morphed into a canvas instead of on the wall. So I was looking around today trying to figure out a good idea for something to paint and I'm leaning toward classic Winnie the Pooh or Peter Pan at the moment. I think that they'll look good with all of the linens and paint on the walls that Heather's got in the room already which are pale green, brown, and blue and light yellow, respectively. Thoughts?

But for the future, my little Asian babies will be so spoiled well taken care of with a really, really cute nursery.


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