Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A few weeks ago, I went to see a new rock opera called "Fall the Rock Musical" by Billy Horn, based on the story of Antigone, that one of my friends was in. It was fantastic, but they didn't have any set to speak of, so I decided that I'd design them a set, post-show... so this is it... (click on the photo to see a larger version)

Let me explain a little... I designed it to look like a church that had been abandoned and vandalized. Every piece of wall is covered with graffiti, there is unrest and some of the people are ready for change. There are 2 doors for entrances, one single door along the back wall, and two double doors stage left. Upstage is a platform with 3 steps leading up to it where important announcements and speeches can be made, or where the pit band can be placed. There is enough room for both.

Above the stage, there are 3 chain link fences that can be lowered all the way to the stage floor, or in degrees. When the fences are completely lowered, they are staggered heights and can be walked around by a zig-zag pattern, creating a small maze on stage. These fences can be lowered together or independently to split the stage. Actors can climb on and up them if they wish. These fences will represent the wall that falls down in act 1, and can illustrate barriers between social classes, families, etc.

There are 3 steel benches stage right. Ideally, these benches would be on a track and could be slid together, just 2 or all 3, by the actors, to create a secondary platform/table and chair/bar surface etc.

The lighting is fairly simple, there would be some standard stage lights on the "ceiling" of the church interspersed in and around the chain link fences for atmosphere. There are also 6 hanging fluorescent style lights that hang below the fences when they are all the way up. These lights would be LEDs made to look like fluorescent, so that they can change color or become white depending on the atmosphere needed for the scene.

John Gallagher Jr. and Rebecca Naomi Jones from American Idiot are the "models" because I had no pictures from the show...

Hope you like it, Fall cast!


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