Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So last night I decided to start a new blog, well, new blog... not new idea. This one will still be "me" but the new one will have a little bit more of a directed purpose. I started writing letters in 2002 in a journal to the guy that I will someday marry. Sappy, yes. But I think it could be a really interesting experiment that some people might be interested in watching with me. I'm working on transcribing the entries into a digital form right now, and I have through about mid 2005 done. I should hopefully have most of it done in the next couple days and I will link you then, however, in the meantime, here's your teaser entry for "Letters to Him."

This is an experiment that started in 2002... What would happen if we wrote to our future spouses before we ever met them? Will thinking about them, and helping them to understand not only who you are, but who you were, help to change the face of a relationship forever? I think it will... these are my letters to him.

I intend to transcribe my letters to him, more or less intact, so that I have a digital copy in case the book ever gets lost or misplaced amidst the shuffle of daily life. If you like what you read, then you are more than welcome to share this with me, if not... well, they probably aren't letters to you anyway.


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