Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This past weekend I went to Mansfield, PA to see my sister and a few friends in "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" at the Arcadia theater in one of the little towns there. I was incredibly impressed by the show overall and a few of the actors especially. It the first time that I ever saw the show on stage, and I'd like to take a moment to say well done, guys!

The cast: (R-L) Katie Debach, Alex Slaughter, Becca Martz, Josh Hartman,
Nathan Fulkerson, Heather Steik, Mike Hogue, Danielle Montgomery
& Alex McDonald

My Lovely sister as Olive Ostrovsky with her friend the dictionary,
the "I Love You Song" was awesome, even though she isn't
a belter and I couldn't have been more proud. Really. Also, the
lavender overalls are a good look, no?

Josh as William Barfee, the winner of the Bee with the
magic foot and the mucus problem. Josh, you sir, are
even more hysterical than I thought, and I'm creating a
petition for you to grow a bowl cut because I laughed
every time I saw you onstage... wonderful.

Alex as Leaf Conybear, a ... unique... homeschooled kid. He cracked
me up too, and made me wish that I was a guy so that someday I could
play that part. "I'm Not that Smart" with the stuffed animal was genius.
New favorite character in that show. Bravo, Alex.

I don't really know Katie, but she played
Logainne Schwartzandgrubbener, an elementary schooler with
two gay dads and a lisp. I was jealous because this is obviously
the part I would want to play if I ever did the show, and was
therefore critical... she was awesome in "Woe is Me". Funny girl!

Life is Pandemonium!



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