Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This weekend was more eventful than most have been recently.

Taylor came to visit me, and I hadn't seen him in about a month and a half, which was painful. When I picked him up he threw his luggage, ran to me, hugged me, swung me in the air and gave me a kiss for like a full minute. It was the gayest, most wonderful greeting I've gotten in about four years and he made me feel so, so special. Here is a video of our actual greeting...
We drove to Mansfield to see Danielle and stayed there for about 8 hours total, I think...

In that time, we watched 2 minutes of a football game and the half time show, which we stood behind a fence for, because we don't regularly patronize sports events...

I saw my first marching band, their hats were far superior to the ones in this picture as they were silver and metallic/shiny... They sounded great too. I'm told they're phenomenal but I have no other experience to judge them against.

Then we saw "Spelling Bee" which you can read about in its own little post. :)

I also worked more on a mural that I'm doing for the kids' room in the basement of my church... this isn't one of the finished sections, but you get the idea... Its like a mountain/woods scene that morphs into a town... tres adorable.
And the big finale... picture this, but with paint. And instead of falling on the trackpad for the mouse, it falls directly across the entire keyboard... yeah... awesome. A trip to best buy is in my near future.


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