Saturday, January 14, 2012

Several of you may remember that a few months back, I was mulling over the idea of whether or not to try out for a production of "Into the Woods" with the NRTG Theater Troupe. Well, as generally is the case, I did indeed try out. After a lengthy and not so happy call back, I will, be performing in this gem, once again, in March as one of Cinderella's evil step sisters, a small but funny role. The assistant director, Ashley, mentioned to the director that I design sets and they are bringing me on  as a sort of consultant, so to speak. Now, I do recognize that Tech week for "Earnest" probably is not the most ideal time to be thinking about designs for ITW, but I am presently sick and miserable and this kind of thing cheers me up.

Their stage is a thrust-proscenium stage so it works like this. Theirs
has a lot more possible space to use behind the "wall" at the back,
but this is the concept.

The actual space. Its changed a little from this picture.

 A photo from "Jekyll and Hyde" at the theater last March. 
The one downside I see is that lighting will be challenging, to
say the least.

So, as I looked for Images online to be inspired with, I came up with some lovely images that could work for the space that we have to deal with. 

 Abstract, but nice. It's not too ridiculous.

This was from an adaption of ITW, and it's 
stunning, but I don't like how stark it seems at first glance. 
Though the rest of the production pictures did prove that they
were able to use quite a bit of layering. I don't think we have
the lights for it...Also, don't have the height. 

 Pretty traditional. 

I kind of like the literal allusion to fairy tales instead of 
an actual forest. Something to consider.  

These next three are my absolute favorite interpretation
from the Royal Scotland Conservatory and I think may be
a very good basis to create a design off of.  

 I've been enthralled with the idea of mixing interior and
exterior settings since I saw Hansel and Gretel at the Met in 
like 2007. This is the exact opposite of the Midsummer set I

 It's just  visually interesting!

Princeton's tower conception made me laugh.

And this is just creepy and lovely all at once. I'm not sure
where it's from.

And lastly, some costume inspiration. If I have to wear a
wig, which I'm sure I will... pixie cuts lend themselves to Peter 
Pan but not much else... then I hope its as fabulous as
these ladies. 


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