Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So while on Pinterest a few weeks ago, I came across this little gem. A marbleized nail look. I've been putting off trying it for weeks because i couldn't manage to invest the time and energy for it. So for Valentine's day... I decided to give it a whirl. My nails are unusually short right now, and I wanted something fun that I could still do. 

These are the colors I started with.

Step 1 (not pictured): Grab a Q tip and some vaseline and put it around your nail bed and on any part of your finger that you don't want covered in nail polish.  I recommend doing one hand at a time. I put vaseline all the way down to the first joint on my finger just to be safe.

 Step 2: Pour the nail polish into a container filled with water. It will destroy the container, so I recommend a yogurt cup or something disposable versus a prettier bowl or cup. 

Step 3: Once you pour the polish onto the water (it floats) dip your nail in. You might have to do a few tries until you get the hang of it. I recommend dipping at an angle instead of straight down because your design will be prettier. 

Step 4: Let it dry at least a little. It's obnoxious to have it on your fingers, but just wait. 

Step 5: Clean off those fingers. I used a Q tip to rub off as much of the excess as possible without messing up the still, slightly wet nail. Around the nail bed I used a toothpick or my other hand to clean up the edges. There was still a little polish left over so I got rid of that once the nail was completely dry with some nail polish remover.

Step 6: Do the other hand. I recommend cleaning off the nail polish that is sitting on the water before you start your second hand. After a couple minutes, it gets filmy and goes into one big clump and is no longer good for dipping. I just stuck a toothpick in the water and pushed the clumping paint out of the way.

(My try)

Total time: 45 mins
Coats: 3 (base, dip, top coat)

Difficulty: 5
Messiness: 8+


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