Friday, April 20, 2012

As we're working on "Company" we've been told that we will be finding our own costumes as an extension of our character development. It sounds like a good idea in theory, but I know from experience that not everyone has the same IQ when it comes to fashion and trying to effectively match a time period.

I had the day off this morning so I tried to do some research as neither I, nor the majority of the cast, can recall much, if anything at all, from the 70s. I tried to find photos of people, not celebrities. They seemed a little more realistic and less glamorous anyway. So feel free to use my research if you would like, cast.

For the ladies

Length can be from mini to maxi. Usually they were one extreme or another. Patterns were good. Longer dresses were used for more formal occasions like night time. A line is okay. Also saw a lot of straighter "sack-like" dresses and halter tops. Patterns are allowed. Caftans were popular 78-79 often in exotic patterns. They were used for casual and lounge wear most often.

Most tops fit slim. I saw a lot of off the shoulder peasant blouses. Sleeves looked like they were commonly loose or flared and most often were longer. On the other side, spaghetti straps and mid-drift shirts would be okay for younger people. Patterns are allowed.

Cigarette leg pants in colors were around. Also bell bottoms for women, and trouser pants. High waists dominated.

Go-go boots and mini dresses was trendy for a while. Wedges. Platforms. Mary jane type shoes and flats also seemed to make an appearance. Bright colors, bows, wooden shoes are okay.

Not a lot of layering with cardigans or blazers. They did however like neck scarves, vests, and loosely knit cover ups. 

For the men: also see here for men's only pics

Tight fit in the thighs and waist. Patterns are definitely okay, especially plaids and geometric patterns. High waists dominated. Short shorts are also an option.

Turtle necks, slim fitting button downs with wide collars. Polo type shirts seemed to be around, and I also saw some cardigans for the men. But be careful with the cardigans, they are shirt and slim. Not like today's cardigan cuts. Vests and ties (bow or regular) are also okay. Patterns are encouraged.

Sports Coats:
Wide lapel, lots of patterns, worn over turtle necks or slim fitting sweaters. Often patterned, especially if nothing else is in the outfit.

Oxfords. Chukka boots. Loafers.

Gentlemen, grow out those sideburns and mustaches :)


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