Thursday, September 13, 2012

We wrote and sang this to our chorus instructor when I was a junior in HS...

Basses: One day 'til (rest) We find out what the new show is (rest) I hope and pray it is Les Mis! (rest) This strange and eerie teacher of mine is surely messing with our minds....
(Tenors: One day more...)

Basses: How can we wait another day? Please tell us what is the pla-ay?

T: One day More

T/S: Tommorrow is so far away, (rest) We can't wait 'til Broadway cafe

A: One more day before we know

T/S: We will never speak a word

A: One day 'til we die of wonder

T/S: We're so bored what can we do?

A: We have no lives please let us know

T/S: Please tell us now we beg of you

A: But you'll never say a word.

S/A: One day tell we all explode!

T/B: How can you hide it for so long?

S/A: Why not just say what you are thinking?

T/B: Shall we pull out all our hair?

S/A: When Dara's mouth begins to foam...

T/B: Tell us now or we will DIE

mf< forte 
All: The time is now, Jump Mr. Timm!!!
(T: One Day More)

B: One day 'til you tell your secret, one day 'til we all will know, one day 'til the new beginning of another musical.
(T: One Day More)

A: Tomorrow's far away, tomorrow is so dumb, you better tell us now while we are on a run!

S: We won't say we swear, we promise we won't tell, you better tell us now or you can go to (freeze mouthing "He-")

T/A: One Day to a new beginning

B/S: Just tell us what's the musical

T/A: Mr. Timm I want a lead...

S/B: Mr. Timm I want a lead! 

T/A: There's a new cast for the picking

B/S: There are places to be won...

All: Do you hear, we're all begging? 

All: The place is here, we're begging you!

T: One Day More!
(S/A: How can we wait another day? (Rest) Please tell us, what is the pla-ay?)
(B: I will hang myself for sure now, I know that I will explode; I'm gon-na break down for sure now, Mr. Timm you're really cold)

T: One Day More!
(S/A: Tomorrow is so far away (rest) We can't wait 'til Broadway Cafe!)
(B: One day 'til you tell your secret, one day 'til we all will know, one day 'til another show)

T: Tomorrow we will start the play, tomorrow is so far away,

mf> forte 
All: Tomorrow we'll discover what the Master Timm has had in store, One more dawn... One more day...

One Day More....



  1. Oh my gosh! I remember this! Wasn't it King and I that year? lol not quite Les Mis... just saying.