Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sarah Dennis informed me last night that she was planning on venturing into the world of short, 
curly hair... somewhere around the length of a bob. (Get it, girl!) Generally I applaud anyone who's
willing to take some kind of a risk with their hair, and especially since I'm growing mine out from the 
pixie, I decided to do a quick little post with some ideas for her. 

 When I had mine cut similar to this, I asked my hairdresser to dupe this look...

Here are a couple things to remember before you go short though:

- Please, please, please go to a stylist who knows what they are doing, short hair means way less room to hide mistakes. When my hairdresser cut mine in a bob she would wash and then blow dry and straighten it before she cut it, so she could get beautiful, straight lines that would still work when it was curly. If they cut it when it is wet and curling, you're never going to get it actually straight. I wanted a retro, really blunt bob look, none of the helter-skelter layering on the outside of the hair. Because my hair is thick, like yours, she inverted the layering on the inside of the cut to trick the bob into looking correct-- like it was not layered. 

- This does not mean you are going to have a quicker time drying or styling your hair. When I cut off about 10" of my hair, my drying time only decreased by like 5 minutes. 

-Short hair cuts can be more expensive because you really need to maintain them... none of this, 3-6 months between cuts garbage that you can get away with, with longer hair.

- Bad hair days are harder to cover up because you can't throw your hair in a messy bun or a pony tail. 

- And humidity... ugh!

-The shorter your hair goes, often the worse bedhead gets. Haha.

- Don't let long haired people tell you you can't do different things with it when it's short. There are a zillion accessories, braids, and fun things you can do with your hair. 

- So many people will tell you how brave you are and how they wish they could have hair like yours but they are too scared to cut it... this goes tenfold if you go even shorter ;-)

I do not regret cutting my hair short, and then even shorter for one second. Different is fun! Send pictures!


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