Sunday, August 11, 2013

Every once in a while I like to do a quick little post about certain products that I find and believe in. If you are a consistent reader (thanks, mom) you may recall that in the past I've posted a little bit about Warby Parker and Out of Print Clothing. I've had such excellent experiences with both of those companies and take it for granted that if you are reading this, your tastes are as exquisite as mine.

Today I would like to take a second to share with you one other business that I feel deserves some mega-spotlighting.

I consider myself someone who really likes to find a perfect gift for someone. Typically that involves me making at least a portion of the gift and then when I get everything just about right, I usually go, "Crap, I need a card." To me, a card purchased from Walmart feels soulless on my thoughtfully put together and, at times, painstakingly designed gift. I believe that anyone who's as interested in the presentation and packaging will tend to agree with me. There are also times that my lack of memory, inherited from a certain parent who shall remain nameless, kicks in and I throw $20 in a card. At this point, you had better believe that I want that card to look like I put some time and effort into selecting it. And here is where Danielle at Everyday Hello comes to the rescue.

Danielle makes handcrafted, one of a kind greeting cards that she sells through Etsy.

"Everyday Hello is a very simple business with a big heart behind it: Connecting people with their loved ones, Sharing their love and everyday life with those they care about, and Expressing it through a beautiful, unique handmade card. I believe that we should not waste a day when it comes to our relationships- today is the perfect day to tell someone how you feel, and show them you care. "

She has several pre-made cards that can be purchased as stand-alone cards, or in sets. I, myself, have purchased several cards from her. I've been incredibly happy with the quality of the cards and how quickly they arrive. This was my most recent order, a set of thank you cards that were a custom batch that we made up together. All I told her was that I like the misting cards, and that they should say "thank you." I requested no pink. She did the rest.

 Here are a few links to some of her cards that are currently available, the last one is a custom card. I strongly recommend that you at least check them out. I spoke with Danielle and she is currently working on some very exciting Christmas card sets, some "save the dates" for a wedding, and a bunch of invitations. Click on the pictures below to see the Etsy shop.

Now here's the really good news, just by looking at this blog if you order anything, use the code "HISD10" at checkout to get 10% off. The letters are just the title of my blog, "Happiness Isn't Skin Deep." Happy shopping!

(good until 9-12-13)


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