Wednesday, April 8, 2015

When it comes to Broadway, there are so many beautiful love songs that have been written over the years. One of the composers that I keep coming back to when I think about love songs is Jason Robert Brown. Something about the complexity of the narratives and the lyrics pulls me in when I listen to these. I just wanted to put a few of them in one place. "Songs for a New World" was first performed in 1995 and "Bridges of Madison County" was performed in 2014... almost 20 years of love songs...what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

"I'd Give it all for You"  (Songs for a New World)

I love you too much
To trust something clearer
I know I fell too far
But here you are

"All the Wasted Time" (Parade)

All the days gone by
To never show I loved you so
And I never knew anything at all.

"The Next Ten Minutes" (The Last Five Years)

Till the world explodes
Till there's no one left
Who has ever known us apart.

"One Second and a Million Miles" (Bridges of Madison County)

We are tied, we are locked, we are bound;
This will not be reversed or unwound.
Whatever fate the stars are weaving,
We're not breaking, I'm not leaving!


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