Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A year and a few month ago, my mom, brother and I moved into my Grandparent's house. Now we are living there while it is being sold. I have a room upstairs and I figured that I wouldn't really do much with it because it was a transition space. Wrong. Here we are after many trips to vintage stores, gifts, and a lot of recycling.

Sidenote: I always feel like you can tell a lot about a
person from their desk.

When I walked into the room, I was less than excited by the prospect of faux wood paneling, brown floor tiles and acoustical tile ceiling. Here was the room after I cleaned it out, and cleaned it again to get out all of the dust and grime from in it. I remember when my cousin Jen and my Aunt Sarah had this room at various stages in time. The most vivid thing I remember from when I was younger was that it was super cool that one of them hung navy blue sheets all over the ceiling and splatter painted them with neon fabric paint... oh yeah. :)

This is probably what I'd see if ever faced
with a boggart.... Riddikulus!


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