Monday, July 19, 2010

So, as a lot of you know already, I saw "American Idiot" on Broadway on 6/23 for Taylor's birthday. I saw it about a week after I saw "Memphis," which won the Tony for best new musical, and honestly, I was more impressed with "American Idiot." It opened about 3 months ago, on 4/20 irionically enough, and I wasn't really too sure what to expect.

But, I went and loved it. My favorite part (other than John Gallagher Jr. haha) was Christine Jones' sets. I mean, they won a tony for best scenic design, and she did do Spring Awakening's sets as well, which I loved, but they really blew me away. I would love to work with her someday! Below are a couple images from the show, which really should be on your list of must-sees whether you like Greenday's music or not.

But anyway, why I am writing this now, and not last month is because Dan, Taylor and I went to see the cast perform on Good Morning America in Central Park last Friday, and I have some videos for you all :)

See a few more of the videos I took here. Also, this video is a really good overall look at the show with footage from a lot of the numbers on the actual stage. And here's one of Holiday, which was one of my favorites. I trust you can find your own if you want more :)


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