Monday, July 1, 2013

Sometimes you promise your blog that you'll post something soon and then it's July. Finally, here are some before and after pics from my move (in 3 parts-- festival of awkwardness) and then what things look like now. Enjoy many pics.

First, this has nothing to do with anything. This is just one of the suitcases I packed.
If this doesn't say sociopath I don't know what does.

Phase 1: February... moving in a blizzard

This is what I had with me when I first moved. Notice, almost no furniture except a dresser, bed, and a table. But I did have a sword and a picnic basket. 

Phase 2: Enter the kitties

This is after I took a trip to Mass to retrieve some of my worldly possessions... lamps and cats. Anything I could cram in my tiny car.

 Another note, I only have two cats. The 3 cats pictured above are actually one camera-whore cat
who was showing off for Danielle.

Phase 3: Thank you, parents, for schlepping my stuff

This is after my Mom and Ken brought down the rest of my bigger things that I couldn't fit in my car... my real bed, couch, paintings and books! So many books.

And now....

This is where I am now. I still have some projects that I need to finish, but it's leaps and bounds better than a few months ago.

I still need to finish putting something over the bed. I'm thinking maybe something like this to mock a headboard? Waiting until back to school time for $5 mirrors :)

Contrary to popular belief, my empty frame in my "powder room" (?) is just empty and not artsy. I haven't found anything I liked enough to put in it yet. 

The cats got mad because I moved all their crap out of my kitchen for the previous picture 
so I gave them a snack. All is at it should be.

Some details I like.

Cabinet of tea. I have literally 3 cabinets... priorities.

This, unfortunately was a failed DIY project with magnet tape and 
hair clips. Pretty but they hold nothing! Not even paper.

Sometimes Macey helps me decorate with her toys.

Left: Top is children's books, second is series books, third is contemporary
fiction, fourth is devotional and christian books, bottom is scores, plays, and sheet music. 
Right: Top, second, and third are classics. Fourth is desk supplies, and bottom 
is text books and reference.

And here are the kitties in their natural habitat. Marilyn on the black couch 
and Macey on her chair. 


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