Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I already posted about the birth of my niece, Cassidy, however, I wanted to share some of the presents I made for her (and mom) at her baby shower a couple months ago.

Heather, Cassidy's mom loves Charley Harper's artwork and a few years ago I painted Ben something to go in his nursery along the lines of Charlie Harper's work because I was just getting out of school and pretty broke. Heather approached me this year and asked if I could do another one for Cassidy's room. So I found two smaller canvases and, after much debate, settled on a raccoon motif. Some people who know me know that I am actually scared of raccoons so this was an exercise in not dwelling on the subject matter too much for me.

Note: these are Charley Harper's designs, I just repainted them for her. I'm not claiming any originality for these bad boys. 

Sorry that the lighting in these is a little wonky. I took the pictures on my iPhone in a virtually dark apartment. For a better look at coloring, etc. you can click on the link to the baby shower above and there are some pictures.

I was already in the process of planning out another gift that I've given before with some success. My friend was having a baby earlier this year so I decided to just make two sets

 This is a picture of each bag after I was finished sewing and then the final product ready to go to the shower. I made two of each type of bag shown above, one for each baby, for a total of ten bags.

These ones were both for little girls, Macie and Cassidy. Since I couldn't find a fabric bundle I liked, and I didn't want to use up my whole "gender neutral pack", I decided to get a little more creative. I went to the thrift store and found fabric from old garments that I liked. The black polka dot fabric was from a pair of capris, the solid pink fabric was a pair of sweatpants. I used that as a backing for all the bags. The striped fabric was a little girls tee shirt. The rose pattern was from a hideous bedazzled shirt, the pink polka dots used to be a button up, and the owls were from a PJ set. I decided that instead of having two polka dot bags I would make one of them "quilted" from strips of all the patterns. That detail is also pictured above.

And, as usual, Marilyn helped me and Macey ignored us completely.


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