Sunday, July 15, 2012

This weekend I had a baby shower to go to for not one, but two new mamas from my NRTG theater group, Carolyn and Dianna. I wanted to try to make something as a present this time. The last couple baby showers I went to, I bought things because they were respectively during tech week of "Into the Woods", and tech week of "Company"... sorry Jackie and Ashley, your pregnancy didn't fit in with my theater schedule (selfish!!) But I found myself with a little time on my hands, and viola.

So, as all good girls do I turned to Pinterest. And found myself swathed in natural mommy things among my gift searching... This is what happens when you type in "hand made baby" as your search parameters. After learning how to make my own baby wipes (maybe useful?) I stumbled on this little gem of a website and decided that this would be a lovely idea to try out.

Here's a picture of Carolyn's gift. I was able to fit 6 bags into a basket, which, lucky me was the perfect width for the bags. I sewed the bags out of a scrap fabric bundle I found. I figured she could use the bags and the basket after in the nursery somehow. She didn't find out the sex of her baby, so I went with the traditional green and yellow. 

These are 2 refill packs for Carolyn's present since I bought enough stuff to fill ten bags but I didn't have enough time to make ten actual bags to hold the diaper changing kit.

And this was Dianna's. I cleaned the store out of little baskets, but I found a wire pail that would serve the same purpose and work to store toys or something later too. Her nursery theme was teddy bears so she got a teddy, and she also did not find out the sex of her baby, so green and yellow it was.

I threw all the open packages of things, like diapers, washcloths and disposable bags into a gift bag for each of them and just gave them the extras since I couldn't find quite everything that came in neat little packs of ten items. 

Both mamas really liked the present, and every woman with kids in the room thought it was a great idea. Even the dads thought that it was pretty cool.

EDIT: For another look at this project repeated for a baby girl, see: Roo!


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