Tuesday, April 26, 2011

 One of my friends, Amy, tagged me in a note on facebook. The idea of the note was to answer 1 question per day about your opinion of something Broadway show related. It not done yet, at the moment I'm writing this, so if you happen to be looking at it on facebook- don't cheat. But, I wanted to write about it here too...

Day 1: The first musical you ever saw/heard.
West Side Story

Day 2: Your latest musical obsession.
25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

 Day 3: A musical you think is underrated.

Day 4: A musical you think is overrated.
Avenue Q

Day 5: A musical that makes you happy.
My Fair Lady

Day 6: A musical that makes you sad/teary.
Jekyll and Hyde (Original Studio Recording)

Day 7: Your favorite female performer.
Ruthie Henshall

Day 8: Your favorite male performer.
John Gallagher Jr. 

Day 9: From a musical you know all the words to.
Into the Woods

 Day 10: Your least favorite musical.
The Last 5 Years

Day 11: The musical that had the most impact on you.
Singing in the Rain (performing in it)

Day 12: A musical you could listen to all day.
Les Miserables

 Day 13: A musical you loved from the very first note.

Day 14: A musical you haven't heard/seen in a while.
The Music Man

Day 15: A musical by your favorite composer.
A Little Night Music- Sondheim.

Day 16: A musical by your least favorite composer.
Aida- Elton John & Tim Rice

Day 17: A musical with the best music.
Miss Saigon

Day 18: A musical with the best lyrics.
Pirates of Penzance

 Day 19: A musical that disappointed you.

Day 20: Your "guilty pleasure" musical

Day 21: A musical that inspires you.
American Idiot

 Day 22: A musical you wish was never made into a movie.
Sweeny Todd.

Day 23: A musical everyone should see live.
Spring Awakening

Day 24: A musical that makes you laugh.
The Drowsy Chaperone

 Day 25: Your least favorite musical from your favorite composer.
Merrily We Roll Along- Sondheim

 Day 26: A song sung by a character you can relate to.
"Being Alive" Robert from Company

Day 27: A musical you'd love to see live on stage.
Sunday in the Park with George

Day 28: A musical character you love to hate.
Madame Thenardier, Les Miserables

Day 29: A musical you'd like to be involved in.
Children of Eden

Day 30: A musical you'd like to see adapted into a stage show.


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