Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This morning I signed my lease for a studio apartment downtown. I have been mulling over some ideas to rectify the space v. storage and privacy v. openness issues as well as what might get me the most bang per square foot. Below is a crappy drawing of the most decent furniture plan I could come up with while I was supposed to be doing something else. 

Combined with the furniture I have and the potential furniture, this layout could sleep 5, seat 9 and still leaves me room to move and storage. This layout means that I will have to purchase the least amount of furniture, and gives me the most designated spaces within the studio for what I have looked at so far. 

Red= living room
Purple= kitchen
Blue= bathroom/ storage
Green= office
Yellow= bedroom
Orange= entry/ circulation

And some pinterested ideas just to round things out, for more see my board: Studio Space


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